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We offer a la carte services & customized packaging to fit your specific need(s)!

  • Silver Package: $2500
  • Gold Package $3500
  • Platinum Package: $4500

Here we assist you with your complete book project from start to finish which includes book coaching, content development & graphics, web design, promotional/marketing items and more!

■ Book & Content Development: Here you gain access to Inspiring Hearts Coaching Institute as a student and work exclusively with Writing Coach & International Best-Selling Author, Carla R. Cannon as she shares her exact blueprint to writing a book in 7 days. This includes her Write the Book Already workbook as a bonus & step by step guide that covers topics from writing, marketing and publishing your book. 

■ Weekly Coaching Calls w/ Writing Coach Carla R. Cannon: Receive 1-on-1 training from The Trailblazer herself as she walks you step by step through the book writing process. During this time she is available to answer any questions you may have as well as provide feedback on your writing. Topics include: How to Develop Your Book Into a Lucrative Brand, How to Turn Your Book Into a Revenue Generating Event, How to Master Social Media & Email Marketing & more!

■ Book Cover Design (Front & Back)- Includes front/back design, front cover (for Kindle) & 3D graphic

■ Book Editing: Page number maximum is 200 pages (before formatting). After 200 pages there will be an additional fee of $7 per page added to your balance.

■ Book Formatting: Includes text graphics for both hard copy and kindle version.

■ (1) Strategic Book Marketing Plan: You will be provided with a strategic marketing plan on how to effectively market your book on and offline to the appropriate target market as well as develop your book project into revenue generating machine! This marketing plan will be discussed during your 1-on1 coaching with Coach Carla and is centered around ideas you have regarding your book.

■ Author’s Page Set-Up (This is on Amazon.com which enables you to make your books available to the world. It is great for those who do not have a website but also for those who do because your books can be purchased via your site (where you receive 100% profit) or Amazon.com (where you will receive royalty payments; meaning you receive a percentage & so does Amazon for promoting your book for you via their site)


Copyright to Book (Client will own all rights to their own book)

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20 Marketing Flyers (Graphics) for Social Media (digital only) - These include quotes from your book along with your book cover, social media info & website if you have one (or Amazon.com info which informs readers of where your book can be purchased.)

■ 3 Digital Banners for Social Media or Website-This can be used as a cover photo, or header on your website (or social media) which is great for branding purposes.

Promotional Items (Business Card Design, Book Marks, Flyer Design & Print/ Receive 500 copies of each: (500 Business Cards/500 Flyers/500 book marks) All will be mailed to you. 

Shipping Fees Included (Shipment of marketing items are inclusive with original price)

(2) Flyers (Digital): One announcing Book Release & other announcing Book Signing (Marketing Item)

Landing Page- Your landing page will be designed by our Creative Director and design team to meet your specific requests as well receive coaching/feedback regarding what options may be the best selection for your brand and new business!

Gain assistance planning book tours and events- Why do it alone when we are here to serve you?! 

■ Have your book shared on our Publisher, Carla R. Cannon-Lawrence's social media sites that average over 65k collectively & counting. 

None of our packages include shipment of books. We help clients set up the account to order their own books as low as $3-$6 per copy depending on number of pages (Sometimes even lower.)

Our clients owns 100% rights and access to their material.

*PLEASE NOTE: We do offer payment plans however, each package requires a $500 deposit prior to working on your project. Payments are then due on a bi-weekly basis. All payments are nonrefundable.