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About Us

Cannon Publishing is a self-publishing company who is committed to walking aspiring authors through a step by step process of how to write, publish and market their book, to launch a lucrative brand.

Within our program, Inspiring Hearts Coaching Institute™ we provide you with exclusive coaching which includes book and content development, marketing ideas as well as a strategic twelve-month plan on how to increase book sales and develop your book into additional products (which equals residual income for our client), publishing options, promotional items and much more!

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Over the past four years Cannon Publishing has helped hundreds write, publish and market their books which has gained them more exposure as new authors and speakers.

We specialize in first time authors as it is our desire to walk you through our proven to work process which minimizes stress, prevent feelings of overwhelm while developing strategy on how to complete your manuscript in record time!

Our goal is to teach you how to do it yourself and use our system as a guide and a source of printing.

Cannon Publishing does not own any rights to your book, ISBN; etc. Entrepreneurship is our aim and we want to teach you how to do the same!

You work up close and personal with Writing Coach & Chief Editor, Carla R. Cannon alongside her professional A-team which consists of web developers, editors, text designers and graphic artists. From start to finish you will be provided with quality service as well as quality products and are committed to ensuring your experience with us is nothing less than exceptional.


Carla R. Cannon

Book Writing Strategist/Chief Editor

Jámain Freeman

Creative Director/Web Developer

Celi D. Toure'

Text Designer

Popoola A. Oribunmi

Graphic Designer

Are You Ready to Write a Book to Launch Your Business?

When you work with Cannon Publishing you gain access to 9X best-selling author and international speaker, Carla R. Cannon. She has packaged her stellar training, How to Write a Best-Selling Book in 7 Days in such a way that if followed, success as a new or returning author will be inevitable for you! (Insert photos of people with my products)

Cannon Publishing serves as a company who fully endorses our clients and we are not here for ownership but simply act as a guiding agent to lead our clients to a successful path of entrepreneurship as a published author!

Here are a few additional things you should know, to consider whether Cannon Publishing is the best fit for you as well as if you are the best fit for us:

Cannon Publishing serves as a self-publishing company in which clients can use our company as well as our institute as a turn key solution for aspiring and established authors. Here you can receive 1-on-1 coaching, guidance and tools on how to write, publish and market your book and be provided with the option of using our printing services where your book can cost as little as $3-4 per copy (cost is contingent upon number of pages within book.)

■We do not accept or endorse manuscripts that include offensive language such as profanity, swearing; etc.

■When you publish via Cannon Publishing you receive 100% profit for your project. Our mission is to assist you with the full production of your book project and help bring your message to a diverse audience.

■ As it relates to printing, we set everything up for you and then provide you with training on how to access and maneuver the site to place your own orders where you receive 100% royalty and can have your books shipped directly to your home (without having us as a third party.)

Cannon Publishing will not sell or distribute your books for this is done primarily via, local book stores and the client’s website. However, we do fully endorse our clients and display their books, and promote them at events, on our website; etc. This is an advantage of publishing through our site; you gain the knowledge, support and exposure you need as well as learn how the publishing process works.

Don't Take Our Word For it...See What Our Clients Have to Say


I am thankful that Carla Cannon and Cannon Publishing was a part of my journey to writing my first book. They were phenomenal and made the process a very encouraging and empowering one. I’m looking forward to working with them again for my next book project!!!
-Kelly Bentley Dixon (Louisiana)

Kelly Bentley Dixon Louisiana


Carla and her team did it again! Cannon Publishing assisted me in my second book project with excellence and experience. Carla made my process as a second time author very smooth because of her systems and team. Due to the operational efficiency her team was able to turn around changes and publish my second book very quickly!

Tonika Breeden North Carolina


Carla’s program has been very instrumental in helping me transition from being a writer to actually becoming a published author. Her sincere passion to serve her clients is reflected in her thorough work and her commitment to follow through in a spirit of excellence.

Daniel Stombaugh Alabama 


I recently worked with Carla R. Cannon and her team to revamp and re-brand myself and my book 'Recommitted: It's Not Too Late. I LOVE the finished product! Carla and her team were professional, consistent and they challenged me to take my writing and vision to the next level and the result? A transformational book that captured my vision and is a product that I can be happy to share with the world! I highly recommend Carla and her team for both new writers and seasoned authors!

Celi Marie Dean Paris


One day I was on a social media site, I saw Carla advertising that she was a Book Coach and that she helped others write, publish and market their book. I decided to reach out to her and I don’t regret doing so. Today I look back and I am still in awe of how smooth the process went. Carla made this process very comfortable and easy and she also ensured she stayed on top of my project making me feel as if I was a priority.

Victoria Leeking - New York


Carla’s program has been very instrumental in helping me transition from being a writer to actually becoming a published author. Her sincere passion to serve her clients is reflected in her thorough work and her commitment to follow through in a spirit of excellence.

Rita Chapman Virginia


My experience with Cannon Publishing has been phenomenal! Hiring Carla as my Book Writing Strategist and publisher taught me how to write my book in 7 days (which I never knew was possible!) I was supported and celebrated every step of the way, which made the entire process less frightening and truly rewarding.

Lawanda Todd North Carolina