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Our Packages

Here are our most common combinations at Cannon Publishing
(We also offer a la carte services for clients who have already written their book.) Please call 888-502-2228 for pricing!

  • Silver Package: $2500
  • Gold Package: $2997
  • Platinum Package: $4997

Designed for those who simply need assistance with content development & exclusive coaching on how to properly write, publish & market their book.

Book & Content Development: Which includes undergoing a 4 week process through: Write the Book Already Coaching Program which consists of a step by step guide on how to write, publish and market your book. You will also learn how to write your book in 7 days, the different options of publishing whether via self-publishing as well as the option of publishing through Cannon Publishing as well as how to market your book properly once it is finished.

Exclusive Coaching Calls with Book Coach Carla R. Cannon: During this time she is available to answer any questions you may have as well as provide feedback & guidance on how to become a Best Selling Author which includes how to develop your own platform, develop strategic content for social media, how to develop into a speaker & more! The great thing about partnering with our company is you are learning along the way so when it is time for you to publish your next book some things you will be able to handle on your own due to learning how to do so via this program.

Book Cover Design (Front & Back)

Book Editing: Page number maximum is 200 pages (before formatting). After 200 pages there will be an additional fee of $7 per page added to your balance.

Book Formatting: Includes book formation for both hard copy and kindle version along with creating your author page on Amazon.com.

■ (1) Strategic Book Marketing Plan (12 Month Plan): You will be provided with a strategic marketing plan on how to effectively market your book to the appropriate target market as well as develop your book project into multiple streams of income. This marketing plan will be discussed during your one on one coaching with Coach Carla and is a 1 year plan for marketing is continual for there are always new people to reach.

None of our packages include shipment of books. We help clients set up the account to order their own books as low as $3-4 per copy depending on number of pages (Sometimes even lower.) Our clients owns 100% rights and access to their material.